A couple registers for a marriage certificate on Sep. 9, 2019, in Songkhla province.

BANGKOK — Thais across the country wed, pray, and look for lotto number inspiration on what is considered as the luckiest day of the year.

Although September 9 comes and goes every year, this 2019’s auspicious date is particularly lucky due to the triple 9 (09/09/2019). Mass wedding registrations are held in some district offices, while a number of worshipers headed to temples to pray for extra fortune on this auspicious day.

A news story of a turtle crawling into someone’s home earlier this morning ignited excitement from some netizens, who tried to interpret the lotto numbers supposedly visible on the turtle’s back.


Another new story of a hia, or monitor lizard, getting caught inside a home in Yala province elicited a similar response. Next lottery drawing is Sep. 16.


As a proof that superstition touches even Thailand’s most technologically-advanced sector, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency chose today to lay a foundation stone for its upcoming digital hub project in Chonburi province.

We hope all of our readers had an auspicious day! If you missed it, you’ll have to wait another ten years – 2029 – for a triple lucky alignment. Either that or 2569 B.E., aka seven years from now.