Image: Windy
Image: Windy

BANGKOK — Sandwiched between two storms on the globe, Thailand is in a safe haven against a tropical storm and a cyclone, according to Thai meterologists.

Neither tropical storm Nakri, which is approaching the southern Vietnam coast, or Cyclone Bulbul, scheduled to hit Bangladesh and India, will significantly impact Thai weather, the Thai meteorological department said Friday afternoon.

Thai travellers to Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh should take note and monitor local weather conditions.

Nakri won’t have a large impact on Thai weather except for additional showers in the North and Northeast through Tuesday. Rains from China may pepper said region Nov. 13 to 15, meteorological department director Phuwiang Prakummin said.

Meanwhile, nationwide temperatures are expected to dip 2C to 4C, with 70 percent of rain showers in the south. Bangkok is expected to see lows of 21C to highs of 33C, with a slim chance of rain.