Bangkok Feels the Chill as Temperatures Dip to 17C

People purchase jackets Dec. 6, 2019 at a market in Bangkok.
People purchase jackets Dec. 6, 2019 at a market in Bangkok.

BANGKOK — Bangkokians are shopping for jackets and making blanket rotis around themselves Friday morning, when temperatures dipped below 20C.

From Friday through Sunday, Bangkok should cuddle up and brace for lows of 16C to 17C, with highs at a mild 29C. However, the meteorological department said temperatures are expected to inch up by Tuesday.

Even colder weather is felt in the Northern provinces, with a low of 9C and highs of 29C. The country’s highest Doi Inthanon’s mountain top recorded a drop to 2C Friday morning, while the lowest on-ground temperatures nationwide were in 7.8C for Loei province. Isaan should see lows drop to 6C and highs of 27 through the weekend.

Central and eastern provinces should see lows of 12C to 19C, and the South balmy lows of 20C.


#ColdWeather was the second most trending hashtag on Thai Twitter as of Friday morning, with netizens both praising and in awe of the chill. For about a week each year, Bangkok experiences a cold snap, often in December.

“Bangkok, you made it! This is how the real winter feels like. You eventually makes me put my jacket on,” @Sarissapeachy tweeted. “I hope the winter lasts for few months.”

@Msoshisskks evoked Thais’ inner Elsa in her tweet: “Me when I stepped on the floor this morning:”

“No matter how cold it is, teachers must be on point,” @tigertop01 tweeted with photos of a teacher with students wrapped in blankets.


Remember to wear appropriate outerwear, like these Bangkokians who are shopping for sweaters Friday: