“The Mist” House Underlines Thais Suffer From Dead-end Pollution Issue

The Thai public demanded a solution to air pollution when a video went viral showing a house filled with black, polluted smoke coming from the opposite direction towards the owner’s house as if it were toxic smoke.

The video says: “People are in pain. If this is the amount of smoke, you can imagine the smell. We do not need to talk about the drying of the laundry. This is cancer. Can any government agency help the people? What do you think about this? #negligent 7/3/23 3.23 pm. Lopburi. Today I can not dry my laundry or open the door because???”



After the video was published, several people commented on the post. Some thought that the video showed a scene similar to the one in the film The Mist. Another commented that a nearby cement mixing plant used shades and water to trap dust, which was somewhat helpful, but this plant had nothing to protect the nearby flat.


The video went viral as people in different areas experienced the same polluted problem that is so far unsolvable. The Pollution Control Department released a daily report on March 9 showing that 52 provinces, including Lopburi had PM2.5 levels above normal.

A Khaosod reporter visited the house seen in the video. It is located in Moo 8, Tha Sala sub-district, Lopburi province. Best, 23, the younger brother of the owner, said the polluted smoke seen in the viral video was from dust from the nearby large cement plant, which is about 20 metres away and separated by a road.


Best also showed the reporter the dust that was left, not only in his house but also in several nearby neighbours. Some people had to go elsewhere and wait for things to improve before returning to their homes because everything was so bad. The owner of the business has not taken any action so far.

Best’s family members have started getting health effects from the dust. Some members have respiratory problems. In addition, they also suffer from noise pollution. Every day when the company starts its machines, the family members have to go inside and clean the floor outside more than 10 times a day.



According to Best, when the company is off work or when the company is on holiday, it is the best day for the family.

“I would like to complain to the relevant authority and ask the owner of the company’ to do more for the residents than just pouring some water to catch the dust. The company should clean people’s houses and talk about how the company will take care of people because they have nowhere else to go.”