Durian Guide: The Popularity of the Thai Durian in China

Although several Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia are trying to take market share from China durian import, Thai durian remains popular. In the first quarter of 2023, China imported more than 63,000 tonnes, up 78 per cent from the same period last year. Thailand expects to export 4.44 million tonnes of fruit in 2023, worth a total of 200 billion baht.

The Agriculture Department of the Consulate General of Shanghai recently collected data from Panda Guide indicating the popularity of Thai durian. It is also reported that the Durian Flavor Wheel manual was first published in China.

durian guide2

The manual differentiate the flavours of durian in a similar way to the manual for wine and coffee. The Durian Flavour Wheel will help new consumers who have not yet tried durian to better understand the flavours of each durian.


Monthong durian, for example, is known as the “people’s choice” because it has a yellow color and such a dense and delicate texture. The taste is moderately bitter, while the sweetness lingers in the mouth for a long time. It also numbs the tongue a little. Monthong durian is a special recommendation for Thai durian. It is harvested between April and May.


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Next 10 June 2023, the durian harvest season will start in the southern part of Thailand in Chumphon Province. The harvest season for the eastern part has already begun. 

The puangmanee durian is also known as “Thai Musang King Kan Yao”. Its texture is a mixture of orange and yellow colours. The consistency is smooth and soft with a hint of alcohol. Puangmanee durian is not bitter, smells of flowers and has an intense sweetness. The aroma lingers in the mouth for a long time. This durian is one of our recommendations.

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Cahni durian is known as “rare”. The texture is delicate, while the taste is juicy sweet, intense and redolent of alcohol. There is a mixture of long-lasting sweetness and bitterness.