People Are Moved By A Pro-democracy Speech

Wan Muhamad Noor Matha

“Not only the young generation has hope, but also my generation,” the former Speaker of the Thai Parliament, who is aged 79, said in a speech.

At the historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ceremony, which was attended by eight political parties, the most praised speech was given by Wan Muhamad Noor Matha, also known as Wan Nor, who is now the leader of the Prachachat Party.

“I would like to share with the media and the people my views on the seizure of people power.” Wan Nor, who was Speaker of Parliament and Minister in many ministries, began his speech at the Conrad Hotel, Wireless Rd., in Bangkok.

“I must relate to you that 9 years ago, on 22 May 2014, I was sitting in the Royal Thai Army Assembly Room on Viphavadi Road. On that day, I had to bear with grief the announcement of the coup by the then-former Chief of the Army, now the Prime Minister.


The historic Memorandum of Understanding ceremony of eight parties

When I heard the coup, it occurred to me how it was possible that 70 million Thais could simply be disempowered by a small group of people.

I want to say to the media that [I wish] the incident of 9 years ago, caused by those in power at the time, would have been the last time in Thailand. [We] should not experience this incident again

For the people I respect, I am in this assembly room today along with the media to proclaim “devolution of power to the people” instead of “wresting power from the people” as it was done 9 years ago. I must admit that I am proud and happy for all the people. We are taking back our power.

Today we all sit here to unfold power, spread hope and increase the happiness of all people.

I would like to beg all people on all sides who may or may not feel the same way: please give us a chance, a chance for us here, a chance for Pita to be the leader, to work for the people.

Wan Muhamad Noor Matha

In the past, you gave a chance to those who made the coup for 9 years without having a right of appeal. Today, if you do not give us a chance, we who were elected by the people and are ready to return power to the people, to return happiness to the people.

Therefore, I wish to beg all sides, please give [us] a chance.

Should you think that you are not getting 100 per cent of what you want, I must tell you that no one gets 100 per cent in any negotiation or work.

It must go back a step on each side in order to move steadily forward.

I wish that we all do [this] for the people. Those who have hope are not only the younger generation, but also me or Khun Chuvit. I am 79 years old and many people my age also have hope that this country will change for the better.

I ask you, whoever has the power, whoever has the strength, use your power, use your strength to give people who want to work for the people the opportunity to work for the people. Thank you.”