Pheu Thai Party Appears To Have More Choices But It Does Not

Chonnan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party and Pita Limcharoenrat, leader of the Move Forward Party

After struggling for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives all along, the two parties with the most victories in the House of Representatives, Move Forward and Pheu Thai, arrive for a week of determining if a united government will go all the way.

The parliamentary session starts on Monday, July 3, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives and two Deputy Speakers of the House of Representatives will be elected on July 4.

Pita Limcharoenrat, leader of the Move Forward Party (MFP) and PM candidate, presided over an eight-party meeting at the MFP office on Sunday, telling reporters that the MFP respected the Pheu Thai Party and understood that everything must be done gradually and step by step.

MFP 2july4


He requested that no new issues be raised because it could undermine the negotiations. He apologisesd if it has caused confusion in the public. They all have good intentions about forming a government and solving problems for the people.

Chonnan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, stated that this topic will be considered by the Pheu Thai Party by July 3. It will undoubtedly reach a favourable conclusion and be valuable in the formation of a democratic government.

MFP 2july2

Wan Muhammad Nor Matha, or Wan Nor, leader of the Prachachat Party, stated that the eight parties have been assigned to the MFP, and the Pheu Thai Party would spend the remaining 40 hours to make the people’s win; otherwise, non-democratic parties will intervene. We have been waiting, people have been waiting for 8-9 years. People may never forgive us again if something goes wrong.

Wan Nor’s views matched those of MFP supporters who had gathered at the MFP office prior of the meeting, yelling slogans and holding signs asking the Pheu Thai Party not to abandon their promise to form a government with the MFP.


MFP 2july1

The Pheu Thai Party was seen as having more option to merge with other parties, if it is unable to agree with the MFP. However, if Pheu Thai reverses its polarisation and joins with junta-aligned parties, it will face fierce opposition.

A merger of Pheu Thai with the Palang Pracharat Party (PPP) has been rumoured on several occasions. Many Pheu Thai members declined, as did General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and candidate for Prime Minister of Palang Pracharat, who repeatedly denied meeting and negotiating with Thaksin Shinawatra abroad. There are not any secret deals.

General Prawit Wongsuwan (left)

Gen. Prawit dismissed the report again on Sunday at the Palang Pracharat Party, stating he had no discussions with any political party or organisation. He also said his party has made no mention of the vote for Speaker of the House of Representatives until July 4th.

Thammanat Phromphao, a prominent PPP MP, acknowledged that the party has values and manners and that it will not present anyone to compete for the Speaker of the House.

“We are in a standing stance. Consider the circumstances on July 4, the day of the election of the Speaker of the House. There will still be time to sit and discuss after that.” He stated.


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