Court Sentences Chiang Mai Businessman To 5 Years For Lèse Majesté

Demonstrators demanding repeal of lese majeste laws in Bangkok. Image: Thai E News

(Prachatai English)

BANGKOK — The Appeals Court on Tuesday reversed a not guilty verdict on a businessman from Chiang Mai Province and sentenced him to five years for defaming the monarchy. The Court of First Instance dismissed the case against him in 2013 due to lack of substantial evidence. 

Assawin (last name withheld) was sued by Sakawdeun Chariyakornkul, who claimed to be the owner of a resort which she sold to the defendant. Assawin testified in court that he and Sakawdeun had a business conflict prior to the case and there were already several lawsuits between them on issues such as fraud and trespass.  


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