Court dismisses appeal in Deep South torture case because 2007 charter no longer exist

(Prachatai English)

BANGKOK – The court rejected an appeal request to investigate the alleged torture case in Pattani on ground that the 2007 Constitution can no longer use to claim about the citizen’s basic rights, according to the Muslim Attorney Center Foundation.
On 7 September, the Pattani Provincial Court rejected an appeal request of Rohima Huseng, who alleged the security officers in Pattani of torturing her brother, Hasan Huseng, during interrogation.
Hasan Huseng, a suspected insurgent, was captured by the Special Taskforce 30 of Narathiwat on 13 April and detained without charges for seven days. The Task Force later handed him to the Interrogation Centre at the Inkhayut Military Camp in Pattani, where he was detained for another 20 days. 
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