Military Court Grants Bail to Four Khon Kaen Model Alleged Rebels

(Prachatai English)

BANGKOK – The military court allowed four defendants of the ‘Khon Kaen Model’ alleged rebellion case, who had been arrested and detained since late May, to be released on bail due to the defendants’ poor health conditions.  


The nickname ‘Khon Kaen Model’ was given to the case of 26 defendants, mostly elderly, from several provinces in the North East, accused of being hard-core red shirts who planned to rebel against the junta. The alleged planned operation would first be carried out in Khon Kaen, the second largest province in Isan and a stronghold of the red-shirt movement, followed by other provinces in the North and the North East.  

On Monday, the Khon Kaen Military Court released Saneu Nantanagul and Kalayarak Santapan, two defendants accused of planning the rebellion, on bail due to the defendants’ health problems according Wajanakomkrit Sriwarom and Keatupanja Wongsin, lawyers from the Free Thai Legal Aid (FTLA). Read more here.  


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