Isaan People Air Grievances at Human Rights Festival in Khon Kaen

Energy high in tightly-packed meeting room as attendees eager to be heard by others and international guests [Isaan Record]

(The Isaan Record)

KHON KAEN – Despite concerns from the military, about 400 people from thirteen provinces participated in the 7th Annual Isaan Human Rights Festival held yesterday at Kwanmor Hotel in Khon Kaen.

New to the festival this year was the participation of diplomats from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the European Union, Sweden, and the United States.

The event, funded primarily by European Union’s “Thailand-EU Policy Dialogues Support Facility” program, has been organized almost every year since 2006 to commemorate International Human Rights Day.



Event organizers say the annual festival has provided a venue for communities and networks to come together to share their human rights situation and make demands.

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