Vietnam Seizes Over 1 Ton of Ivory Smuggled in From Africa

Vietnamese police officers inspect smuggled ivory in July in Hanoi. Photo: Associated Press

HANOI — Authorities have seized more than a ton of smuggled ivory at a Vietnamese port where some 6 tons were seized last year.


Customs official Le Dinh Loi in Ho Chi Minh City said the ivory seized Wednesday in Cat Lai port had been packed with sawdust and layers of plasters and asphalt to hide it.

He said Thursday the container held 1,356 kilograms (2,983 pounds) of ivory smuggled from Africa and was transiting through Vietnam to its destination in neighboring Cambodia.

Vietnam bans hunting of its own dwindling elephant population but is one of the world’s major transit points and consumers of ivory and rhino horn. Ivory is used as jewelry and home decoration.