Red Bull Companies Silent After Charges Dropped Against ‘Boss’

BANGKOK — Red Bull and other companies owned by the Yoovidhya family on Friday declined to comment on the news that all charges were dropped against their billionaire scion’s alleged killing of a policeman with his Ferrari in 2012. 

T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Company Limited’s Bangkok office has not issued any statement on the legal status of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, who never stood trial for the fatal crash.

A woman answering the phone at T.C. Pharmaceutical said that company officials were not available at the office to make any comment. 

The company owns the Red Bull line of drinks, Ready and Warrior energy drinks, Sponsor electrolyte beverages, Mansome drinks and sodas, Puriku tea, Hi Vitamin C drinks, and Sunsnack sunflower seeds. 


Boss’ father, Chalerm Yoovidhya, also owns Siam Winery, which includes Spy Wine Cooler, Monsoon Valley, World of Wines distributor, and Moose Cider. 

“The company has different management [than Red Bull],” a woman answering the phone at Siam Winery said. “The PR officer is not here.”

A man answering the phone at Mansome drinks said employees have not received any directive to issue statements relating to the case.

“We don’t have any information on that yet. We’re just continuing to work normally,” he said.

T.C. Pharmaceutical also owns T.G. Vending and Showcase Industries Company Limited, which are vending machines that sell the company’s drinks. TCP Group’s Durbell company distributes their goods to more than 140,000 retailers across Thailand to sell at 7-Eleven, Big C, Tesco Lotus, Family Mart, Makro, Jiffy, Central Food Hall, Tops Market, The Mall, and Lawson. 


According to the company website, T.C. Pharmaceutical was founded in 1978 as a food and beverage manufacturer and currently has 14 export markets, while Red Bull is exported worldwide. 

The brands have also not posted any comment on the case. On social media, some users on Twitter have called for a boycott of the products related to Red Bull. 

But  similar social media campaigns have flared up ever since 2012, without any significant effect on the companies.