Frantic Effort To Save Phimai Artefacts From Flood

(21 October) Flooding in Nakhon Ratchasima province has threatened numerous historical artefacts stored in Phimai National Museum.

The rising level of Mun River prompted the museum staff to evacuate the national treasures, some dating more than 1,000 years, to higher grounds.

The staff were forced to rely on rudimentary equipment to keep the artefacts safe, such as wrapping the stone statues and tablets in plastic bags.


The water level above Phimai Dam had also increased 5 cm on Monday as officials were urged to keep the watergates open to release approximately 22 million cubic metre per day.


On Mitrapap Road in Sun Noen district, flash flood hit the area and caused a gridlock on the road′s in-bound route. However, as of today, our correspondent reported that some of the traffic has resumed, after the water level on the road dropped to 15 cm.