Police Investigating Suicide And Murder Of Chinese Tourists

(27 November) Phuket Police is investigating a case at Phuket’s famous hotel in which a Chinese tourist reportedly killed her Chinese co-traveler before committing suicide.

 The police officers were alerted after Ms. Jiang Chengyue, 42, was seen jumping to her death from  the balcony of her second storey hotel room.
 Ms. Jiang’s body revealed that she had attempted to harm herself, using a sharp weapon to cut her wrists, left arms, neck and chest, police said. In Ms. Jiang’s hotel room police also found the body of Mr. Li Ming, 41, a Chinese national who is suspected to have died from suffocation and was harshly assaulted on his face.
 According to a witness, the pair was having their breakfast on Tuesday morning (26 November), just hours before the incident took place. Initial investigation revealed that the couple travelled from Nanning to Phuket along with a large Chinese tour group on 22 November. They were bound to return to China on 27 November.
 Police assumed that Ms. Jiang and Mr. Li were having a heated argument before Ms. Jiang allegedly cut her wrist. Afterwards, police believe, she smashed Mr. Li’s face with a solid item while he was asleep and proceeded to suffocate him to death with a pillow. Ms. Jiang then committed suicide by jumping off her balcony.
 Nevertheless, the police said they are treating the case as suspicious, and the investigation is ongoing.
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