Survey: 29% Have Unsafe Sex With Strangers

Free condoms issued by Ministry of Public Health in Pitsanulok province

(2 December) 29% out of 200 samples surveyed by Disease Prevention Control Department have said they do not use condoms when they have sex with people other than their partners.

The survey was conducted online during the period of 1-30 November. The sample group answered a number of questions involving HIV/AIDS.  and the result was announced by Mr. Cherdkiat Klaewkasikit, Director of the Risk of Communication and Health Behaviour Development, which operates under DPCD in Pitsanulok province.

The poll is expected to raise public awareness regarding the risks of HIV/AIDS in Thai society, said Mr. Cherdkiat, which would help curb infection rates, deaths, and improve understanding toward HIV/AIDS patients.

52% of the respondents says they are aware of their partners? previous sex experience with other people, but only 31% says they are confident that their partners always use condoms when having sex with other people.


Meanwhile, 62% says they are confident they will continue to have sex only with their partner throughout their relationship sure to have sex with a single partner.

In a disturbing revelation, 29% of respondents say they have had sexual intercourse with people other than their committed partners without condoms, and only 54% say they are capable of refusing unsafe sex.

Nearly half of the samples (47%) says they have their condoms ready in any situation, whereas 56% says they have previously tested their risk of having HIV.

Samples who have shared injection needles with other people stands at 9%.

Nearly three-fourth (73%) of the sample says they have learned that HIV/AIDs medicine is accessible to every Thai people and 83% knows that regularly consuming the medicine could prolong the lives of infected individuals. 39% knows that ingesting the anti-virus medicine could prevent the risks to pass the virus to other people.

77% says they would tell their family members if they were infected with HIV, whereas 9% says they have close friends and relatives who are having HIV and 49% knows someone who has HIV.

However, 14% says they would try to stay away from HIV patients, whom have been described as "disgusting" by 2% of the respondents. 4% say they feel disgust toward AIDS patients.

Three-fourth says they would like to have HIV/AIDs test if the service is available for free.


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