Man Kills Motorcyclist Who 'Threw Beer Bottle' At Him

(5 January) An ice delivery man hit a motorcyclist to death after the deceased threw a beer bottle at his delivery truck.


Police in Khon Kaen province received emergency calls about the incident yesterday morning. At the scene they found the body of Mr. Somchai Singha, 20, and a severely-injured 16 year old boy next to a wrecked motorcycle.
Nearby, Mr. Somsak Makmoontri, 21, waited for the police near his pick-up truck and identified himself as the driver who hit both motorcyclists. 
According to Mr. Somsak, he was delivering the ice near Khon Kaen City Pillar Shrine in the night when suddenly Mr. Somchai and his friends on one other motorcycle approached his truck, and threw a beer bottle at his car, causing minor damage. 
Mr. Somchai′s group then reportedly tried to drive away, but Mr. Somsak tailed the group onto 5 November Road. Suddenly, a vehicle appeared in front of the motorcycles, Mr. Somsak said, causing the motorcyclists to abruptly stop. Mr. Somsak allegedly failed to stop his car and crashed into the motorcycle drove by Mr. Somchai, killing him and injuring his friend.
The police granted Mr. Somsak′s release on bail, citing his willingness to cooperate in the investigation. However, the police stress they will further investigate the crime. 

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