Pattaya Bar Musician 'Rapes' Swedish Woman

(5 January) A Swedish woman told police she had been raped by a bar musician in Pattaya.


The woman was accompanied by her father, who told police that she came home in a delirious state earlier today. When he tried to communicate with her, he said, his daughter said she had been raped by a family friend, identified simply as Mr. Shin, 44.
According to the woman, she was hanging out with her Swedish friends on Pattaya Walking Street last night until 04.00. When she intended to go home, the woman said, she called Mr. Shin who works as a musician in a bar to take her home.
She stated that she fell asleep while commuting on his motorcycle, and woke up the next day in an apartment room with Mr. Shin. She is not sure whether the place belongs to Mr. Shin, the woman added.
The victim claimed she could not remember anything had happened during the night, but after Mr. Shin dropped her at her house, he allegedly informed her via a text message that he had sexual intercourse with her and apologised for his action.
Mr. Shin also revealed that he had romantic affection for her, the woman said, but she found it unacceptable because she regarded Mr. Shin as a family member. She later informed her father and filed complaint with Pattaya Police. 
The police said they would further investigate the incident and locate Mr. Shin.
Physical examination will be performed on the victim to search for the trace of the sexual engagement, and to determine whether she had been subject to any kind of ?date-rape? drugs, the police said. 

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