Drunken Wife Stabs Husband Dead, Police Say

(6 January) Nong Prue Police is investigating a murder in an unnamed apartment in Bang-Lamung district, Chonburi province, after a man was reportedly stabbed to death by his own wife.

Mr. Sawad Jaiprasit, 56, a resident from Lamphun province, was found dead in the two-story building. His neighbour told police that prior to his death he had engaged in a heated argument with his wife, Ms. Wilai Thipsena, 54.
Police say they found traces of fighting in the apartment, and Ms. Wilai was apparently in a drunken state when the police questioned her.
Ms. Wilai told the police that she was refused by Mr. Sawad when she asked him to cook her some food. Under the influence of alcohol, she sarcastically shut the refridgerator’s door loudly, Ms. Walai said.
Her attempt appeared to have enraged Mr. Sawad, according to Ms. Wilai, he then approached her with a cooking knife. Ms. Wilai said she felt threatened and so grabbed a pair of scissors to stab Mr. Sawad into his collarbone.
Police said the wound found on Mr. Sawad’s body had cut through his vein, causing him to died shortly afterwards.
A neighbour, Mr. Anuchit Thongklab, 30, said that Mr. Sawad is a hardworking, "introvert" person who works as a bus driver for a hotel in Pattaya. However, he said Ms. Wilai appears to always be drunk, and always pick  fights with Mr. Sawad.
He also told police that many people in the neighbourhood called Ms. Wilai as "Lamyong No. 2", after a famous TV character from Channel 3 soap opera ‘Thong Nuea Khao’. In the show, Lamyong often becomes aggressive when she is drunk, and eventually dies of Syphilis.
Ms. Wilai will be prosecuted with murder charge, police said.
Mr. Sawad’s body has been taken to Bang Lamung Hospital for further examination.



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