Chonburi Police Bust Illegal 'Whitening' Clinic

(8 February) Police in Chonburi province has arrested a ladyboy who offered her customers an injection of illegal skin whitening substance at a price of 500 baht.


Her ′clinic′, which is in fact a beauty salon, is located in Banglamung district, Chonburi province. The police stated that the raid was conducted after they had received several reports complaining that the venue offered surgical treatment using illegal substances.
Several substance which purported to whiten women′s skin such as Vitamin C, Glutathione and Treatment Creams, were found at the venue.
Mr. Thanaya Lakornrat, 35, the owner of the venue, confessed that she used the beauty salon as a cover for her illegal skin whitening treatments, and many of her customers are fellow ladyboys who knows her personally.
Many of the customers were present when the police raided the place.
She also claimed that she had ordered the illegal substances from online sources, and offered the treatment for only 500 baht.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits the injection of glutathione into blood vessels, as the overdose of the substance may lead to death.
Police later pressed charge against Mr. Thananya for illegally operating medical treatment venue without a permit.  The substances found at the venue will be sent to the public health authorities for further investigation.

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