Expert Downplays Health Concerns Over Salty Tap Water

Officials from Provincial Waterworks Authority in Songkhla province drink tap water to assure the public of its safety, 16 September 2011

(19 February) Tap water in Bangkok might taste a bit salty at this time, but a nutrition expert said Bangkokians need not worry.

Reports of salty tap water arose in recent days. Many believe the increased level of salts might be due to the drought season or heightened sea level in the Gulf of Thailand, which situated close to the capital city.
However, President of the Nutrition Association of Thailand, Mr. Sa-Nga Damapong, advised the public to take the news with a grain of salt, since a thorough research over the issue must be conducted first before any conclusion is made.
Since the purifying system of waterwork in Bangkok is "up to standard", Mr. Sa-Nga asserted that the salty water is unlikely to cause harm to the public. The most serious effect would be merely a change in water taste, according to the expert.
While he admitted that large consumption of salt in tap water could be harmful, Mr. Sa-Nga stressed that the danger could be averted by avoiding a massive intake of salty tap water. 
"In reality, no one does that anyway," Mr. Sa-Nga said. 



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