'Bodyslam' Drummer Busted For Breaking Into Woman’s Room

BANGKOK — A famous pop-rock musician has been arrested following a woman's complaint to the police that he attempted to break into her room twice.

Mr. Suchat "Chat Bodyslam" Chan-Eed, 37, was arrested by police at Smart Condominium in Bangkok's Bang Khen district today at 10:30 a.m. 

Ms. Kwanchira Boonlohpan, 32, told police that Mr. Suchat, who is a drummer for the pop-rock band Bodyslam, tried to break into her room earlier in the day, and added that Mr. Suchat also committed a similar action on the night of 16 April.

According to Ms. Kwanchira, there were loud knocks at her door that night, which she found very alarming . She said she phoned her sister and friends in the morning to find out whether any of them had come to her room on the previous night, and they reportedly told her that none of them had visited her apartment.


Ms. Kwanchira said she asked the security guards to play CCTV footage from in front of her room, and the footage revealed a topless Mr. Suchat wandering near her room with a beer bottle and a knife in his hand. He was seen fidgeting with the doorknob with the knife, successfully entering the apartment room, and then leaving the room 20 seconds later.

Ms. Kwanchira said she was sleeping in her bedroom with her boyfriend and had left the light in the living room on at the time. She said she decided to file a complaint with the police on the same day.

However, earlier today Mr. Suchat attempted to break into her room again, Ms. Kwanchira said, and she immediately called the police to arrest the drummer.

"He scared me a lot," Ms. Kwanchira said. "I have been living here for a long time, but I never knew him personally. I didn't even realise he was a famous drummer until a security guard told me so when I requested to watch the CCTV footage."

She added that she was particularly disturbed by the fact that Mr. Suchat was armed with a knife when he broke into her apartment.

Mr. Suchat briefly said he committed the act because he was intoxicated.

Pol.Lt.Col. Suban Atiseth said the police were about to apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. Suchat when they received another call for help from Ms. Kwanchira today.

Mr. Suchat has been charged with armed intrusion at night and causing a nuisance.

The drummer was previously arrested on 8 March 2012 for engaging in a fight with a celebrity at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport.



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