Teenage Gang Blocks Road, Attacks 2 Cars On New Year’s Day

A teenage gang allegedly shattered the windshield of a  family's car in Chonburi, 1 Jan 2014.

CHONBURI — A group of teenagers allegedly launched unprovoked attacks on two cars driving through Chonburi province early this morning, police say.

Prawit Wongbooppa, 57, was driving his wife and two sons to a Buddhist temple at around 6 am this morning when a group of teenagers reportedly blocked the road and began to beat his car with heavy sticks, shattering the windshield and injuring Waranyu Wongbooppa, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

Shortly after, the group attacked another vehicle driving down the same road in Udomsak county, police say.

Pol.Col. Pichitpong Yordpikul said he believes the teens were blocking the road to wait for a rival gang.


"They've got a lot guts attacking people like that," said Pol.Col. Pichitpong Yordpikul. "They will be punished with the justice system of the law." 

Police are investigating the two incidents and looking for suspects, he said.


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