Chiang Mai Administrator Draws Gun on Officials in Meeting

CHIANG MAI – The chairman of a local administrative agency in Chiang Mai province has been arrested for taking out a gun during a budget meeting yesterday.

The incident occurred during a meeting attended by around 30 local officials in Mueang district yesterday.

Shortly after the meeting began, Anurut na Naan, the 62-year-old chairman of the Municipal Councilor of San Phee Suea district, reportedly stood up, locked both doors of the meeting room, and told officials not to leave their seats.

He then spent the next 30 minutes speaking into a microphone and apologizing for his failure to work for the people over the past eight years as Municipal Councilor, witnesses said. 


Kamdee Boonchala, one of the local adminstators present at the meeting, told Khaosod that in the middle of the speech Anurut suddenly drew his pistol, waved it around, placed it on the table, and told the officials, "If any of you have a problem with me, you can file a complaint. Who has any problem here?" 

Some officials tried to leave the meeting room, but could not unlock the doors, while other scurried for cover under tables, Kamdee said.

Several officials eventually tackled Anurut, disarmed him, and alerted the police. 

Police say Anurut was carrying a handgun, two magazines, and more than 70 bullets at the time. Anurut has been charged with carrying a firearm into residential and public areas without a permit. Police add that more charges may be filed against Anurut, pending further testimonies from the witnesses. 

Lak Boonchala, mayor of San Phee Suea district, told reporters that Anurut appeared to be mentally unstable and said the administration will "likely" remove him from the position.



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