Man Accused of BTS Up-Skirt Perving

Angkul Pongsri, 28, poses for police today with the bag they say he confessed to filming videos up women's skirts on the BTS Skyrtrain system in Bangkok.

BANGKOK — A BTS security guard caught a man allegedly using a hidden camera to take photos up women’s skirts on the Skytrain last night.

Angkul Pongsri, 28, was caught while riding the train from BTS Phrom Phong to BTS Thong Lo after a guard became suspicious. Police said he later confessed to using a camera disguised as a battery power bank from Pantip Plaza to secretly photograph female passengers.

Police said Pongsri confessed to spending 1,600 baht at the popular IT mall to buy the spy camera, but said he only began applying it to his prurient purpose three days ago.



The secret camera Angkul reportedly told police he bought for 1,600 baht at Pantip Plaza. It has power inputs and outputs, and the words 'Power Bank' are convincingly printed on its side.


He insisted the naughty videos found on his memory card were not released to the public and were only used for his personal pleasure. No statements from his alleged victims were available to establish whether this made them feel any better.


The Skytrain security guard, 36-year-old Thongsun Mala, said Angkul was holding his backpack in his hands under a woman’s skirt instead of putting it on his back. Noticing he was standing very close behind the woman, he decided to confront Angkul and ask to inspect his bag at the BTS Thong Lo station.

Angkul said he was on his way home to Phra Khanong at 9pm last night, when he spotted the  woman wearing a short skirt. He then decided to put his backpack under her skirt so he could get some new footage.

Police Maj. Akkarach Thanomchart from the Thonglor Police Station said Angkul was charged with sexual harassment, which carries a maximum penalty of up to one year in prison and a 10,000-baht fine.