Dog Shooting Inspector Charged with Animal Abuse

An injured dog on Saturday morning at a police apartment building in Lat Yao district. Photo: Watchdog Thailand / Facebook

BANGKOK — A police inspector turned himself in Monday morning at Phaholyothin Police Station for allegedly shooting two dogs on Friday night, killing one and injuring another.

The suspected dog shooter is identified as Maj. Wasawat Sukthai, an inspector from the Royal Thai Police’s Research Division. Wasawat told police that he shot the dogs to protect his family.

32-year-old Wasawat said he felt guilty after knowing that one dog died from bullets fired by him. On Friday night, Wasawat claims that as he and his pregnant wife arrived at the building where they live they were surrounded by a pack of stray dogs.  


Afraid that the dogs would attack his wife, he shot them with a pistol, Wasawat said.

The Friday night dog shooting at a police flat at Lat Yao subdistrict prompted outrage among netizens over the weekend. A complaint was filed by animal activist group Watchdog Thailand on Sunday.

National police deputy commander Gen. Pongsapat Pongcharoen said that Wasawat was charged with animal abuse and illegal discharge of a firearm in public.

The injured dog is now being treated at a hospital and will be adopted by a volunteer, Pongsapat said.


Pol.Maj. Wasawat Sukthai (at left) Monday morning at Phaholyothin Police Station


An injured dog shot at from behind  was found on Saturday morning at a police flat apartment building in Lat Yao district.  Photo: Watchdog Thailand / Facebook


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