Fugitive Thai Wife Apprehended 12 Years After German’s Death

Police arresting Angkhana Maushammer on Tuesday.

BANGKOK — Police said they have arrested the woman behind the murder and cover-up of her German husband nearly 12 years ago.

Angkhana Maushammer, 61, was arrested in Kanchanaburi province Tuesday and accused of conspiring with her Thai lover to kill Wilfred Maushammer for insurance money. Angkhana has denied any wrongdoing.

Col. Arun Wachirasrisukanya of the Crime Suppression Division said Maushammer was shot dead by a gunman on a motorcycle in the central province of Nakhon Sawan in the early hours of April 1, 2006.


Angkhana, who was also in the car with Maushammer, told investigators at the time that she had no information about the perpetrator or his motive. Police later concluded that Surachai Saengsawang pulled the trigger at the request of the German’s wife, who was his lover.


Investigators did not say what break led them to Angkhana at this time.

Arun said Angkhana fled her home in July that year and has lived on the run ever since as a roti vendor. Surachai remains at large.