Police inspect the crime scene in Uttaradit province on Sunday.

BANGKOK — Police said Tuesday that a man caught on film shooting dead his pregnant wife, parents-in-law and two other relatives is now in custody.

Teeraphol Pin-amon, 37, was apprehended while hiding in the forest in Ranong, hundreds of kilometers south from the Uttaradit province, where he massacred his wife’s family on Sunday. Police said Teerapho was on his way to escape to neighboring countries.

Investigators previously told reporters that the incident – which killed five people in their home and was captured on security camera – was likely a crime of passion. Teeraphol then fled the scene on a truck.



Police said criminal records revealed that Teeraphol had changed his name at least five times in the past. Media reports also identified him as a bus driver in Bangkok who in 2015 expelled passengers from the vehicle because he didn’t want to drive any further.

Teeraphol was reportedly fined 2,000 baht for the infraction.