On Nut’s ‘Standing Motosai’ Faces Jail Time

BANGKOK — A motorcycle taxi driver was charged with several traffic offenses Monday after a stunt in which he stood atop his moving vehicle fell flat.

Kannapak Ketchom, 24, surrendered himself at a police station in Bangkok earlier today, where he acknowledged five charges including reckless driving and not wearing a helmet. Speaking to reporters at the Prawet Police Station, the motorcyclist apologized for his actions.

“I‘m sorry for acting recklessly, without consideration for others’ safety,” Kannapak said while clasping his hands in an apologetic wai. He also offered an apology to his win, or group of motorcycle taxi drivers, for tainting their image.


Police said they confiscated Kannapak’s motorcycle as evidence while the case moves forward. Kannapak faces up to three months in jail.


According to investigators, Kannapak was going 30kph while standing on his motorcycle gas tank along On Nut Road last week. The video attracted widespread condemnation after it was posted online.

Kannapak’s first court appearance is set for tomorrow.