Police Tight-Lipped After Bombs Rip Through South

Aftermath of a bomb attack at a parking lot of a police station in Satun province.

BANGKOK — Police said an investigation is underway to find those responsible for a bombing spree that struck the southern region Sunday but declined to identify any suspects.

Seventeen explosives were either detonated or discovered in the two provinces of Phatthalung and Satun, but no injuries or deaths were reported. Police spokesman Krissana Pattanacharoen said Monday that investigators were ordered to track down the suspects “in the speediest way.”

“We cannot disclose any details because it’s an ongoing investigation,” Col. Krissana said. “Let them work first.”


A spokesman for a counter-insurgency agency also said the authorities have not discarded any motives.


The explosives went off at a variety of locations, including in a train station garden, outside a grocery shop and next to a police station.

The two provinces targeted by the bombs have been relatively safe from the secessionist violence that has plagued their neighboring border provinces for the last 12 years. Consistent with previous bombings that have struck the region, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.