Heartbroken Man Threatens Suicide at Govt House

Worapot Surajiya, 66, said his wife eloped with a soldier.

BANGKOK — Commotion broke out in front of Government House on Tuesday when a man threatened to slit his throat to protest his wife’s affair with a soldier.


Worapot Surajiya, 66, said his wife also fleeced him of 280,000 baht before running away with her soldier lover. With a knife at his throat, Worapot urged junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha to take action against the soldier.

Worapot, a native of Samut Prakan province, told reporters no progress came after he filed a complaint to the military unit where his wife’s lover is stationed.

Security officers later tackled and disarmed Worapot after asking to see his identification documents as a distraction. Officials said he was taken in for questioning at a nearby government complaint center.


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Worapot Surajiya wrestled to the ground by security officers.