‘Pothead’ Motosai Student Gets Warning, New Helmet

Image: Tanit Bussabong / Facebook

NAKHON NAYOK — A schoolkid who wore a kitchen pot as a motorcycle helmet earlier this week was given proper safety gear today, police said.

The student made headlines on Thursday when photos of police officers busting his makeshift helmet went viral on social media. In a followup to the latest nationwide sensation, police in Nakhon Nayok said they have handed the student a brand new helmet.

The student, named by police as Hirun, was riding a motorcycle to school with two other classmates when he was stopped.

Photos of Hirun wearing the kitchen pot while surrounded by smiling police officers were widely shared on social media, after they were first posted on Thursday morning by one of the policemen.


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Policeman Tanit Bussabong hands a motorcycle helmet to the three students on Aug. 9, 2019. Image: ฐานรวมชน / Facebook

The officer, Tanit Bussabong, wrote that he even mistook the pot as a helmet at first.

“Nice try,” Tanit said, adding that he let the three go on their way with a warning. Police later said the trio were carrying kitchen utensils to school for class activities.

The post was shared at least 4,000 times by Friday afternoon. Most of the comments were amused at the students, though some raised concerns that they could have been hurt or worse in an accident.

At a brief ceremony to hand over the helmet, Tanit instructed Hirun and his friends to wear gear when riding in the future. In Thailand, the minimum age required to legally ride a motorbike is 15.

Motorcycle accidents have been ranked as the leading cause of injuries and deaths on Thai roads for years. According to 2017 data by the Thai Health Foundation, 83 percent of injuries in traffic accidents involve motorcycles.

About 87 percent of motorcyclists who were not wearing helmets at the time of their accidents ended up in serious conditions, the same data said.


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