School Closed After 8-Year-Old Pupil Tests Positive for Covid-19

Students at Phraharuthai Donmuang School.

BANGKOK — An elderly couple and their 8-year-old grandson have been diagnosed with the Covid-19 infection, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Thailand to 40.

A grandfather, grandmother, and their grandson tested positive for coronavirus after the couple took a trip to Japan, health officials said, without identifying them by names. The boy’s school, Phraharuthai Donmuang School, has postponed class for two weeks in fears that the infected student may have spread the virus to his classmates.

The grandfather and grandmother reportedly took a Hokkaido trip from Feb. 16 to 20. He went to the hospital on Sunday because of a cough, but did not tell the doctor that he had gone to Japan until being admitted to the hospital for a night.

The grandfather, 65, works in the air force. The last time he visited the school was on Monday, when he dropped his grandson there for class, officials said.

Attaphon Truektrong, sec-gen of the Office of the Private Education Commission, said Wednesday that students should refrain from visiting at-risk countries.

The entire school and staff are being tested for the coronavirus. The boy’s class has 30 students and is taught by 11 teachers.

The boy’s father, a bank teller, also underwent testing for coronavirus. Although the results reportedly came out negative, he had to take two weeks off from work.

The Ministry of Health Wednesday said that the grandpa is not considered a “super spreader” at the moment, unlike a woman in South Korea who’s believed to have infected almost 40 people.