Five Out of 122 Arrested Gamblers Suspected of Having Coronavirus

Security officers raid a gambling den in Nonthaburi on April 8, 2020.

NONTHABURI — Over 120 people were arrested for gambling and flouting social distancing measures in Nonthaburi province on Wednesday, while five of them are suspected of having the coronavirus.


The group was arrested when security officers from the Department of Interior Affairs raided an illegal gambling den in the province.

After being arrested, all were taken to have their body temperature tested. Five of them turned out to have high fever, officers said. They were separated and sent for coronavirus tests due to fears of possible infection. No results have been revealed as of press time.

All of the gamblers would be prosecuted but not before being put under state quarantine for 14 days, officers said. Security officers who made the arrest would also be quarantined.