Drunk Monks on Pickup Truck Busted for Curfew Violations

SI SAKET — Two monks were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday for drunk driving and breaking the curfew.

The two monks were detained in their pickup truck shortly after midnight on Monday night in Sisaket province’s Muang District, police said. Both the driver and the passenger were heavily intoxicated, according to the police.

Bottled alcohols were also discovered at the back of the truck.


The two monks were identified as Phra Wisan, 39, from Wat Sika and Phra Akaradet from Wat Baan Kae, 31 – both temples located in Sisaket province.

The monks were then defrocked by the provincial Buddhist authority and charged with Emergency Decree violations.

The offense carries a maximum imprisonment term of up to two years and a fine of up to 40,000 baht.