Korat Uni Plants 3,000 Cannabis For Medical Researches

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — A university in Korat said Wednesday it has started planting marijuana trees as part of its research on weed-based medicines.

Suranaree University of Technology rector Weerapong Pairsuwan said during a press tour of the college’s greenhouses that up to 3,360 cannabis will be planted, with a harvest of 2 tons expected later this year.

Weerapong said the plants will be used in researches to find medical and other benefits of marijuana, especially in Thai traditional medicines.


“This is in accordance with the government’s plan to develop marijuana for medical uses,” the rector said. “And to improve the well-being of the public in a sustainable manner.”


Only qualified staff members will be allowed inside the facilities, and any leftover plants will be destroyed.

Under an amended drug law passed in late 2018, a restricted number of professionals are allowed to cultivate marijuana for research purposes.

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