Cop Charged Over Molesting of 15-Year-Old Girl

The exterior of Sahatsakhan police station.
The exterior of Sahatsakhan police station.

KALASIN — An intoxicated policeman who locked a 15-year-old girl inside his police station and tried to molest her was charged with a criminal offense, police said Friday.

Deputy inspector Uthit Onprasong of Sahatsakhan Police Station was removed from active duty after a Facebook user exposed the incident online. Kalasin provincial police chief Somnuek Mikwan said the officer was also charged with child abuse and public obscenity.

“We have completed the investigation and Lt. Uthit has been charged,” Pol. Maj. Gen. Somnuek said. “We will gather all the evidence and forward the case [to the prosecutors]. The victim is now under witness protection.”

Uthit denied the allegations, Somnuek said, adding that he will be fired from the force if a court rules against him.

Police said the 15-year-old girl came to the police station with her sister on Monday morning to pay a traffic ticket for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. She was then approached by Lt. Uthit, who took her to the second floor, barred the door, and attempted to molest the girl inside a room.

The attempted attack was caught on camera, which shows the suspect wearing only half of his uniform and apparently drunk.

Police said disciplinary actions will also be taken against Lt. Uthit for drinking while on duty.