Macaques Invade House During 4-Day Songkran Vacation

SONGKHLA​ — One unlucky house owner came home after the Songkran break to find a barrel of gibbons monkeying around at his property Monday.

Dozens of macaques were seen climbing all over the balconies, the car parked in front, and digging through the trash can at the residence in Songkhla. One was also filmed gnawing on what looked like a plastic bottle of conditioner.

The house is located next to Tangkuan Hill, a tourist attraction known for its scenic viewpoints and resident monkeys.



At least there was a silver, banana lining to this house of monkeys – they were unable to enter the house since the doors and windows were locked. 

Thank Hanuman they haven’t evolved to use keys as tools…yet.

Correction: An earlier version of the article headline misidentified the animals as gibbons. In fact, they are macaques. We regret the error.