‘SuperPark’ Closes Down for Good, Offers No Refunds

BANGKOK — Customers who purchased tickets to an indoor playground at Iconsiam mall are demanding a refund after they abruptly announced its permanent closure. 

Disgruntled customers of SuperPark said the management continued to sell annual pass tickets just less than a month before the facility permanently closed Wednesday, citing financial losses amid the coronavirus pandemic. An announcement said ticket and membership holders can contact an email address, but did not mention any refund options. 

“We will do our utmost to respond to your enquiries in a timely manner,” the Facebook post said. 

SuperPark reopened after the lockdown in June to meagre crowds before closing down again on Sept. 25, citing problems with the electricity system due to rain damage. 


On Oct. 2, they posted an apology for the long maintenance break and said that tickets set to expire on Dec. 31 would have their expiration date extended to Jan. 31, 2021. Tickets expiring June 30, 2021 would expire July 30, 2021 instead. 

Facebook users on Oct. 23 posted photos of a sign in front of the park saying it was permanently closed and that the park was “not a current tenant at Iconsiam.”

Some SuperPark customers have banded together in a Facebook group to demand a refund from the company. The group documented 227 people who purchased more than 723,000 baht in tickets in a Google Sheets document.

Photo: Somkid Jiamratanopat / Facebook

Porramate Kueakit, a 44-year-old dad, bought an annual pass for about 3,000 baht for his 4-year-old son which he only got to use for two months.

“They closed for months due to COVID, but when they reopened, during opening times there less than 10 people in the park. I knew then that that there was no way they would survive,” Porramet said by phone Friday. “There was no announcement prior to this that they would close permanently.”

“Although I sympathize that they are out of business due to COVID, I think it was unethical that they kept selling tickets even though they were going to close soon. Those people got tricked,” Porramet said. 

A woman in the group who asked not to be named bought 6,500 baht in tickets at the government-sponsored tourism fair Thai Tiew Thai in September.

“None of the tickets have been used yet. It feels like such a failure. I feel like they had impure intentions in selling them,” she said. 

SuperPark, a Finnish brand of indoor playgrounds, opened on Nov. 30 in Iconsiam. Emails, messages, and calls to SuperPark have gone unanswered as of press time. 


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