Truckload of Pigs Drown Miserably After Truck Plunges Into Canal

A rescue worker tries to free the pigs stuck in a truck that overturned in a khlong Wednesday in Suphanburi province.

SUPHANBURI — Bommin Natthongin recalled Thursday that when he arrived on the scene to find more than 80 pigs drowned and dozens more struggling for air, it reminded him of a slaughterhouse.


He was among rescue workers to rush to the scene Wednesday where a truck carrying 100 pigs had run off the road and into a khlong, causing 82 of them to drown in the central province’s Don Chedi district. The driver, who sustained an injury, said the steering wheel became stuck.

“They were crying out like they do when they’re killed at the slaughterhouse,” Bommin, of the Suphanburi Rescue Foundation, recalled Thursday.

A crane was used to tow out the truck. Bommin estimates the worth of the dead pigs to be in the hundreds thousands of baht.


Pigs stuck in the caged truck.
The truck’s driver lies injured near the scene where his ill-fated cargo went into the canal.
A crane was used to tow out the truck.
Pigs root through mud near the bank of the khlong.