Khon Kaen Motorcyclist Killed by Falling Roadside Wire

The scene Wednesday evening in Khon Kaen city, where Maneerat Charoen-ngao died after being struck by a hanging wire.

KHON KAEN — Police on Thursday were investigating an incident in which a falling cable killed a passing motorcyclist.

Maneenet Charoen-ngao, 40, was riding her motorbike Wednesday evening near Kaen Nakhon Witthayalai School in Khon Kaen, when she was knocked down by a falling wire across the road. Footage shows Maneenet riding the bike when she is struck by the snapped cable and thrown off the vehicle.


Maneenet sustained fatal injuries to the neck. She died at the scene.

On Thursday, Capt. Singha Hong-on of Muang Khon Kaen Police said police are still investigating the matter and inspecting security camera footage to find the cause of the incident.


“It remains unknown whether the black cord is a telephone line or an internet cable,” Singha said.