2-Cat Snack Proves Too Much For Bangkok Python (Video)

PATHUM THANI — When your eyes are way too big for your stomach, sometimes everything comes back out the way it came in.

That was the lesson learned Wednesday by a 3-meter python in northern metro Bangkok after it feasted on two felines. A captivating-yet-harrowing video of the over-ambitious meal ends with both cats vomited back out again in front of their owner.

Sasitorn Koonmee, 48, said the cats – a dad and his kitten – had been with her family about two months before the unhinged jaw of tragedy struck.

Watch: Python Swallows Pet Cat in Pathum Thani Home



Sasitorn kept the cats, for some reason, in a cage in a parking lot she owns. In the wee hours of morning, the snake just slithered right in.

“Last night about 2am, I heard a dog barking, but I didn’t come out to see,” she said. “In the morning, I didn’t see the cats, but the snake was already in the cage, so I called the rescue department.”

Amnaj Saengsawang, a rescue worker, said the snake would be released in Khao Yai National Park.