Sperm Whale Beaching Mystifies Experts in Australia

A file photo shows a sperm whale lieing on the water's edge after it became stranded on the beach of Knokke-Heist, Belgium, 08 February 2012. Seven sperm whales have beached themselves on a remote South Australian beach. EPA/JULIEN WARNAND

SYDNEY (DPA) — Seven sperm whales beached themselves on a remote South Australian beach Monday, a report said.

The whales, some of them fully grown adults, were found about 4 kilometres south of Ardrossan on the Yorke Peninsula.

Government animal welfare manager Dr Deborah Kelly said it was a horrendous sight.

"This is rare," Kelly told the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper.

Whale experts were mystified. South Australian Museum mammals senior researcher Dr Cath Kemper said it may never by known why the whales stranded themselves.

"I've been at the museum 31 years and we have never had a mass drowning of sperm whales."


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