Swedish Christmas Goat Burns on 50th Anniversary

A traditional Christmas goat is unveiled Sunday in Gavle, Sweden. Pernilla Wahlman / Associated Press

STOCKHOLM — Sweden’s Christmas Goat  a giant decorative goat made of straw and wood  didn’t last long on its 50th anniversary.

The straw goat, an annual Yuletide tradition in the city of Gavle since 1966, went up in flames just hours after it was inaugurated on Sunday.

Arsonists just cannot stay away from the giant decoration, which seldom survives the season without someone trying to burn it down.The local newspaper Gefle Dagblad said it was set on fire late Sunday.

A webcam run by the local tourist office showed the frame of the goat was still standing but all the straw was gone.

There was no immediate word on possible suspects.

Here are some videos of the burning goat from previous years: