Colombian Police Arrest Minor Accused of More Than 30 Murders

Colombian police stand guard during a security exercise for the 3rd World Summit of Afro-descendant Mayors and Leaders in 2013 in Colombia. Photo: Policia Nacional de los colombianos / Flickr

BOGOTA, Colombia — Police in Colombia have arrested a 17-year-old accused of carrying out more than 30 murders.

Given strict privacy protections for minors in Colombia authorities are identifying the teenage killer only by his nickname of “Frijolito.” Police in Cali on Friday said the highly dangerous criminal was picked up this week after a four-month manhunt.

The young man allegedly began killing people around the age of 12 and developed a reputation for ruthlessness as head of a gang of drug traffickers and assassins that terrorized the southern city. His latest criminal act was a double homicide at a shopping center in Cali.

Authorities said he was being held at a juvenile detention center but that when he turns 18 he’ll be transferred to a prison.