Vietnam’s Capital to Ban Motorbikes in Metro Areas by 2030

In this June 21, 2017, photo, motorbikes and cars fight for space on a street in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo: Tran Van Minh / Associated Press

HANOI, Vietnam — Vietnam’s capital will ban motorbikes in metropolitan districts by 2030 to ease traffic congestion and pollution, according to a resolution passed Tuesday.

Past discussions about banning motorbikes in Hanoi were met with strong opposition by people who said say they could not do without motorbikes, their main means of transportation and livelihoods, in the absence of sufficient public transportation.

Hanoi’s People’s Committee said on its website the measure was part of a resolution that also calls for improved public transport services.


The city with 7.5 million people has more than 5 million motorbikes and 500,000 cars, with both modes of transportation growing fast over the past five years.


Hanoi has 10 metropolitan districts and 19 suburban districts.

Two urban train lines are under construction and expected to begin operation in the next few years.