China Bans Gambling From Appearing in Gaming Devices

Xinhua file photo

BEIJING (Xinhua) — China has issued a regulation to eliminate gambling content from gaming machines and devices, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Thursday.

The ministry said the regulation will forbid gaming machines and devices from having gambling functions, such as maximizing returns with small wagers by setting betting odds. Gambling devices that automatically decide results, such as slot machines, are also prohibited.

It calls on gaming machine makers to explore the values of fine traditional Chinese culture, advance core socialist values and develop games with independent intellectual property, reflecting the national spirit in a healthy and positive manner.

Electronic gambling devices set at entertainment and business operation venues should not be open to juveniles under the age of 18 outside of statutory holidays, according to the document.



Gambling machines and devices include electronic gambling devices that operate in casinos and other commercial venues and offer contents improper for people under 18 years old to use independently or for a long time, as well as other games and devices, read the regulation.

Those who seriously violate the regulation will be put on a blacklist for the cultural market, according to the ministry.

The regulation will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020.