Here We Go Again: Samut Prakan BTS Fails in Rush Hour

Commuters queue up at BTS Bearing at 7:30am on July17, 2020. Photo: Maleeparii / Twitter

SAMUT PRAKAN — In a news that surprised no one, a severe disruption broke out on the BTS service, forcing nine stations along the Sukhumvit line to shut down on Friday morning.

Due to what the company identified as “technical difficulties,” the nine BTS stations located in Samut Prakan, from BTS Samrong to BTS Kheha, were closed for most of the rush hour, leaving crowds of passengers to snake 


The disruption lasted from 5am to 11am. Commuters who relied on the BTS stations in Samut Prakan had to all convene at BTS Bearing, the next station along the line from BTS Samrong.

“Just take the day off work. Traffic is heavy on every road. At Bearing, the queues are so long it reached Sukhumvit 109,” Facebook user Roong Miracle wrote. That’s a queue of almost 700 meters!


BTS tweets announcing disruptions were flooded by so many negative comments that all of them were later deleted. 

A tweet by @Illize3 shows how long the queue at BTS Bearing is.