First Electric Ferry Launched to Reduce Pollution

Image: BANPU

BANGKOK (Xinhua) — Thailand’s Ministry of Transport on Wednesday announced its launch of the country’s first electric ferry, as part of the government’s effort to support cleaner energy.

It will soon start trial runs in Phuket and have a fleet of solar-powered boats running by 2021, said the department in a press release.

By 2021, there should be up to 30 ferries providing service in the first phase before it expands to 200 ferries in three to four years, said the press release.


“The e-ferry is cost-effective because it is made of aluminum and with lower fuel and maintenance cost, the fares will also be cheaper,” confirmed the Marine Department’s director general Wittaya Yamuang.


Wittaya also said that the Thai government is slowly switching to transport modes that support cleaner energy.

He also said e-ferries in tourism will not only help save the energy, but also reduce water and air pollution in the long term.