Letters To Editors: 2 May 2013

Query on BAAC Government Facilities

Dear Khaosod Editor and Mr. Kittiratt Na Ranong, Minister of Finance

I have a query on the subject of why the BAAC, which is a government building within the Ministry of Finance, allows the Conservation Club of Contemporary Arts, Thailand to use the Government facilities for 9 days from April 27-May 5 to sell antique, sacred objects.


Do the proceedings go into government funds? Will the sales be taxed? Who will this benefit? And how so?

With Respect,


No Receipt for Donation

Dear Khaosod Editorial Team,

I am a local of Nongtao district, Uthaithani. Currently, there is a health center in the district and the locals are looking to upgrade it to a community hospital. Donations were taken, and I also donated.


My query is on why I have not received a receipt for my donation. I have asked around and no one has received receipts and I’m quite worried that all the donated money will not be spent according to the donor’s objective.

I also wonder whether the government has any budget for this project and why donations have to be taken for every little thing, such as the garage fences. I would like to request that parties involved, may it be the ministry of Provincial Public Health or the Provincial governor to investigate the Nongtao District health center, so that the locals can rest assured that their money is being put to good use.

Local Donor.